Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Workshop 2019

Transforming Therapy™ – Gil Boyne’s seminal method that revolutionized modern analytical hypnosis.


In 2019 there will once again be a Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Workshop with Dr John Butler instead.

Transforming Therapy™

Dr. John Butler on Transforming Therapy™

The radical short-term approach of hypnosis

The Transforming Therapy™ is the groundbreaking hypnosis method that Gil Boyne developed after learning from such masters as Fritz Perls.
Hardly any other hypnosis method had more influence on modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy, hardly any other method was copied so often and yet never reached.

Gil Boyne has influenced thousands of hypnotists, hypnosis coaches, hypnotherapists and hypnosis trainers with the Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Method, and although he is already deceased, his influence is still very current and present in many hypnosis schools, including analytical hypnosis and „regression to Cause „teach.

Dr. John Butler worked closely with him over the last 10 years prior to Gil Boyne’s death, and conducted classes, masterclasses, and workshops with him. He is currently the most knowledgeable expert in modern analytical hypnosis known as Transforming Therapy™.

He is Gil Boyne’s successor and currently the only instructor to teach Transforming Therapy™ the way it was designed. No frills, or frippery.

Anyone who has already learned hypnosis, such as analytical hypnosis techniques, age regression, regress to cause, vain labor, and other cathartic methods, will take this worskhop to a whole new level of understanding of the hypnotic work.

The Trainer

Dr. John Butler is one of the world’s most prominent medical and clinical hypnotherapists. He practices hypnosis for nearly 40 years, and teaches hypnosis for around 30 years.
He is a physician, more specifically neuro-endocrinologist. He teaches u.a. He was a senior psychologist at King’s College in London for a long time. He is a licensed psychotherapist and works as a hypno-anesthetist at London hospitals.

John Butler is President of A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners), the American Council of Hypnosis Instructors. This association is one of the most exclusive and influential hypnosis associations in the US, significantly influencing legislation. This association was founded in the 1970s by Gil Boyne.

John Butler is the executive director of Westwood Publishing, the publisher of the „Green Hypnosis Bible,“ the legendary book „Hypnotherapy“ by Dave Elman.

John Butler teaches hypnosis, hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy worldwide. He lectures worldwide for well-known international companies and is represented in various state boards.

Dr. John Butler continues the legacy of Gil Boyne. Since his death, he has been recognized as the most knowledgeable Transforming Therapy™ expert.

Content of the Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Workshop

Process and content

Selected content

Transforming Therapy™ is such an extensive concept that it takes 4 weeks to complete the training. In this workshop Dr. John Butler selects aspects and methods of the Transforming Therapy™ and deals with them more strongly and more extensively than in the complete training. In each workshop, other parts and methods of the Transforming Therapy™ are brought into focus. Each workshop contains familiar and new.

What good is this workshop if I have already participated in the training and master classes?
After the workshops 2016, 2017 and 2018, Dr. Ing. At the 2019 workshop, John Butler will also address aspects and methods of Transforming Therapy™ that were previously not covered. If you already have participated in workshops and trainings of Dr. John Butler, you will discover new aspects in this workshop.

The workshop is also suitable for hypnosis beginners?
In order to be better able to deal with participants who are more at the beginning or who are more familiar with other methods of hypnosis, and thus give a more structured explanation of the pioneering concept of this method, Dr. Ing. John Butler offer the course in 2019 as a workshop.

Regress to Cause

In this groundbreaking workshop, you will learn how to use regression (regression to cause) as an integral part to sustainably solve the concerns of your clients.

Just as originally intended.

Transforming Therapy™ contains one of the most effective analytic hypnosis applications we currently know.

Also known to many as Regression („Regress to Cause“), Analytical Hypnosis allows us to resolve our clients‘ concerns where they originated rather than obscure them. Regression, as used by many hypnotists today, goes back to the work of Gil Boyne and is part of the Transforming Therapy Hypnosis Method that Gil Boyne developed in the 1950s.

In this workshop you will learn how to use regression as a building block of analytic hypnosis in a very flexible and artistic way. Here you will learn how Gil Boyne originally developed the affect bridge and how powerful it really is.

If you are unsure about using regression, you will find answers to your questions in this workshop.

Holistic Analytical Hypnosis

Transforming Therapy is a holistic approach where regression (regress to cause) is just one part of the work. Analytical hypnosis as part of transforming therapy is a much more comprehensive part than just regression.

The Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis method has a much broader approach than that used in other hypnosis methods.


As a central part of many applications of the Transforming Therapy™ hypnosis method, the catharsis can be considered.

If you were not sure how catharsis works, you will receive answers in this workshop.


An essential part of this workshop is, of course, the demonstration of the Transforming Therapy™.

Nothing teaches as sustainably as demonstrating a session.

Therefore, John Butler will demonstrate the Transforming Therapy™ during the workshop with 1 to 2 participants, of course volunteers.

Already in 2016, the demonstration led by the very hypnosis experienced participants to astonished astonishment how elegantly, accurately and precisely John Butler quickly solved decades-old problems with the methodology of the Transforming Therapy™ and came to causes that are not with other analytical hypnosis methods had been uncovered.

Transforming Therapy™ – often copied, never reached

Transforming Therapy™ hat viele Hypnotiseure und Hypnoseschulen auf der ganzen Welt beeinflusst, in Amerika, Asien, Australien, Afrika, Europa, in der Schweiz und auch hier in Deutschland.

Dieser Kurs mit Dr. John Butler ist die derzeit einzige Möglichkeit in den deutschsprachigen Ländern, den ganzheitlichen, holistischen und integralen Ansatz kennen zu lernen – wie er ursprünglich von Gil Boyne entwickelt wurde.

Course Details


Begin: Saturday, April 27, 2019, 9 a.m
End: Sunday, April 28, 2019, 6 p.m.


English and German (simultaneously interpreted)


RegularEarlybirdFirst Bookers
970€ (plus VAT)680€ (plus VAT)590€ (plus VAT)
1154.30 € (incl. VAT)809.20 € (incl. VAT)702.10 € (incl. VAT)
available until 26.4.2019available until 01.03.2019available until 31.12.2018


Drinks and snacks,
participation certificate.

As well: Highly discounted books, audio material and hypnosis videos.
And: the opportunity to acquire non-over-the-counter hypnosis literature.

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Transforming Performance

2019 offers John Butler at another Transforming Workshop: Transforming Performance.

This workshop is all about how we can help our clients with hypnosis to improve their performance.

This workshop will be particularly interesting if you work with professional performers, athletes, artists and actors.

But also for students and students and other hypnotists, this workshop can be very useful.

In Transforming Performance, hypnosis joins with coaching.

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