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Hypnosis, Coaching, Counselling and Consulting in English

If you prefer English

In case you are not a German native speaker, e.g. because you are here in Germany as an expat, or for any other reason, I still may be able to help you to achieve your goals. with hypnosis.

I offer hypnosis sessions in English.

I speak English on a very high level, certified with the Certificate of Proficiency of the University of Cambridge.

Please contact me for further details.

Specialist for hypnosis in Köln

Hypnosis und Coaching

Over 20 years of professional experience

Self-hypnosis expert

Many advanced trainings & certifications

Why Hypno-Coaching and not Hypnotherapy

When you come from abroad, you may be curious why I talk about hypnosis and hypno-coaching instead of hypnotherapy. Especially when you come from the English and Spanish speaking countries, you would probably consider my work hypnotherapy.

The difference is legal in nature. Therapy is a procedure with which a disease or illness is treated and healing is intended. On that basis, hypnotherapy is a treatment for a psychological disease or illness.

Hypno-coaching does not treat disease or illness. In hypno-coaching, hypnosis is used to enable the client to achieve the desired goal. Usually this is behaviour change, overcoming blocks, leaving behind the past, becoming more resilient, understanding oneself, giving life purpose, losing weight, cease smoking, becoming more confident, and much more.

Hypno-coaches usually have attended the same training courses as hypnotherapists.

If you would like to find out if hypno-coaching can help you

Relaxation Hypnosis Recording

Hypnosis is one of the most relaxing states of our mind.

I offer a free relaxation hypnosis audio recording for you to discover and utilize the relaxing power of the state of mind called hypnosis.

Experience Hypnosis

Many people struggle to relax. This recording is specifically made for relaxation purposes and contains no other suggestions and no post hypnotic suggestions.

However, it can happen that with every time you listen to this relaxation hypnosis recording, you more easily and deeper.

This gives you the opportunity to experience hypnosis in a save environment.

PodCast in English

If you would like to learn more about hypnosis, hypno-coaching and hypnotherapy, you may find the podcast HypnoTalks Q&A an invaluable resource of information.

In this PodCast, Dr John Butler, a neurologist and hypnotherapist with over 40 years of experience, and I discuss and explore topics that come up frequently in the daily practice of a hypnotist.