Episode 19: The Hypnotic Journey comes to an end

Dr John Butler reveals the most important steps to conclude a session for the client to be sound and save and have the greatest benefit.

Episode 18: The Hypnotic Journey back to the roots

The Hypnotic Journey goes back to the roots with analytical hypnosis, regression and integration.

Episode 17: The Hypnotic Journey gains speed

The Hypnotic Journey continues with inductions, programming of the client and the importance of the voice.

HypnoWalk 1:Hypnose in den Zeiten von Corona – Am Tag vor dem Lockdown

Kurz bevor der Lockdown beginnt. Begleiten Sie mich auf dem 1. HypnoWalk und meinen Gedanken und Überlegungen für eine ungewisse Zeit.

Episode 16: Beginning of the hypnotic journey

The 2nd episode of the hypnotic journey explores the beginning of the journey, the first steps hypnotist and client take together.

Episode 15: Overview of the hypnotic journey

The work a hypnotist and client do together can be described as a journey that they undertake together. As all journeys it has various stages or phases in which different aspects happen and are important.

Counting down: Frühbuchertickets Transforming Therapy™ 2019 in Köln

Countdown: Frühbuchertickets Transforming Therapy™ 2019 in Köln

Countdown Frühbuchertickets für Transforming Therapy 2019 #01